YouTube Cooking Videos

I am excited to share that I be launching the “My Table of Three” cooking channel on YouTube today. We are going to launch our first video tonight, October 26, 2015 so that makes me giddy and super nervous to be putting myself out there in video land! On the new channel I will be doing all types of recipes and product reviews and hope to have something for those of us following THM or low carb and those that are not. The more the merrier right!  The video I choose to do first is not a diet friends recipe as I have gotten many requests for this recipe from friends and family. It is one of my go to sandwiches for parties and catering jobs and will make waves at your upcoming holiday potlucks or parties. These sandwiches or warm, gooey and will keep your party peeps coming back from more and asking for your recipe!

I hope you all are as excited as I am. Even though I am no professional I look forward to being with you during these videos and the learning that we will do together.  So be sure to stop by the channel and “Subscribe” so you will be kept up to date on the new videos we post. For the THM recipes I have posted so far I will be doing videos for those and adding them to each post.

See you all soon around the table,



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