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I am a sassy southern girl who loves cooking, reading and spending time with my family. I also love to entertain friends and family in my kitchen and have guest over whenever I can. I am also a former corporate minded girl turned  homeschooling mom of one handsome boy. He loves to double as my taste tester and my own personal food critic.  Trust me he is quick to praise but also not afraid to give the harsh feedback when need. So, you can bet my recipes are fairly reviewed lol. Watch out Gordon Ramsay, here comes Nate! Minus the potty mouth of course.

I have battled weigh issues my entire life but I am now on a journey to a better, healthier me, and I am inviting you along for the ride!   My biggest goal in life besides being a great mom (or trying to be)  is teaching him the importance of eating healthy so that he will not have to struggled and battle the weight like I have.

So, with that being said we are on a journey to health via a marathon of healthy eating and exercise. Along the way I love finding ways to convert our old favorite foods into healthier versions for us.  One way we do this is by removing refined sugars and processed carbs.

Over last year and a half I have been eating the “Trim Healthy Mama” way and loving the science and ease of the plan. I feel so much better after removing all the junk from my daily diet!  For more information on this plan you can see a great quick start guide and over view over at Gwen’s Nest here. She has done an awesome job on this so stop by and show her some love and appreciation. She also has some fantastic recipes! You can also check out the official Trim Healthy Mama Store and more on their website. They have tons of great products!



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