Zapple Crumble Recipe – THM Cookbook (Review Only)

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As I have said many times, I absolutely love the new Trim Healthy Mama cook book that came out back in September. It is full of great recipes and the pictures are beautiful. I am so grateful to Pearl and Serene (and friends) for taking the time to write all these amazing dishes down to share with us. In this post you will get photos of the recipe and my humble thoughts on the taste. Out of respect for the authors I will not share the recipes but you can check it out on page 327. If you don’t have the book yet you can pick it up at any book retailer or on here. Many times you can get it shipped for free to your local store for pick up.


I had very high hopes for this recipe knowing that it could possible be a “cobbler’ dish that we could enjoy with our S fuels. I know some people may be turned off by the thought of using zucchini in a sweet dish but I didn’t have an issue with that since I have always loved my Aunt Barbara’s zucchini bread since I was a kid (working on converting that one soon).


With my hopes floating high and the fact that I had 6 zucchini in the fridge that needed to be used fast I jumped on the Zapple train and starting baking.  As I cooked the mixture had the house smelling amazing with the cinnamon aroma. Not quite as much as an apple pie filling would but nice anyway.  Though I didn’t fear the use of the veggie in this dish I did hesitate with the Glucci as the thickener. It is a wonderful thickening agent and I do like it in my cold shakes and Fat Stripping Frappas . However,  I am not normally a fan of the texture it brings some hot dishes. But I think that is just a personal issue and not one that should deter anyone wanting to try this dish.

The topping on this crumble is close to a traditional one other than a small switch out of the oats for a more S friendly ingredient (see the book for which ingredient). I may try the topping recipe on other crumbles just to experiment later one since I like how it turned out. The topping’s main ingredient is THM Baking Blend which you can find in there store here.

Once it was baked and cooled we couldn’t wait to try it since it looked so warm and inviting and smelled so wonderful.  Sadly, my husband and son’s excitement was short-lived as neither of them enjoyed the taste. I did like the flavor but as I feared the glucci texture threw me off a little. It is just a bit slimy to me. Both my husband and son said it didn’t feel slimy to them at all. So there you go..maybe it is just me.  The zucchini did have a very close texture to apples which was really nice. My husband said he liked the texture of them but he missed the sweet pop that you get when you actually bite into an apple even though the sauce was nice and sweet. But that can be expected right….since they are not apples lol.


So the Zapple Crumble was not one of mine or my family’s favorite recipes from the book so far but I do think it was worth trying. I also think it was better after it sat in the fridge overnight. The texture of the glucci was even less of a problem for me the next day. But I don’t see this crumble being a repeat in our home just because my boys didn’t like it and I don’t usually cook things that only I would eat.  The  best way I know to judge if recipes are repeats in our home is bases on how fast they are eaten. Sadly based on this test the Zapple fails. As we still have some in the fridge today and I cooked it first of the week. That never happens with sweets in this house lol.

I would say it would be worth a try for you if you enjoy trying new things and are not opposed to the texture of glucci in your warm dishes, which many Trim Healthy Mamas aren’t. If you do try it or have I would love to hear about your experience. As always thanks for stopping by our table of three! For more upcoming recipe reviews and original recipes please follow the blog.

*Note, I did use a different sweetener than they do because I was out of the one they use. Also, this is purely my personal opinion on this recipe. I have not been compensated by THM to review this dish.

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