How to “Rice” Fresh Cauliflower

You may be thinking that there is “no way” that you can possibly replace one of your favorite grains with a vegetable but I am here to tell you my friends you can! Now, with that being said, you have to go into this with an open mind. You simple can’t expect the texture to be exactly like the actual grain, but it really is close. I think the flavor and the fact that this version of “rice” is so much lower in carbs more than makes up for the texture differences. We have eaten it so much now that we think it is a close match!

I must say that the fear of the process and a couple of failed attempts with frozen cauliflower in the past has kept me from shouting the praises, but that is no longer the case thankfully. I now look back and see that it was nothing to be intimidated by. I will admit willing that I still have not mastered this with frozen cauliflower but I have heard that some have.


I use it in dishes like “Fried Rice” and “Stuffed Bell Peppers”. I will be posting those two recipes using this “rice” very soon over on recipes so stay tuned. I am also in the process of working on a new recipe for “Spanish Rice” but that isn’t quite ready to share. I am trying to keep readers not run them off right? Right! So I will do you all a favor and not share that one until it is perfect!

Now, how fair would it be if I only rambled about how easy it was and then didn’t share the steps with you? Not fair at all since that was why you stopped by this post! So with no further delay let’s get busy!


The first step in making our cauliflower rice is to take the head of cauliflower out of the plastic wrapper. Okay, okay so that may just be something I have to remind myself of after I a rough day teaching math and reading during school lessons. No judgments right, lol? Besides it doesn’t happen if I have had the right amount of coffee during the day! For you clear headed readers I would say “Step 1, wash the cauliflower and break the head up into florets”. Don’t worry about a perfect size floret. I find that you don’t have to have get pieces to small just don’t leave them huge. About the size in the photo is perfect.


Once you have the florets broken up just toss some into the food processor and pulse in batches. I say pulse but if I am in a hurry ( which is most of the time if we are being open and honest) I click that little knob right on over to “on” instead of  “pulse” and blend away. I do take time to watch it closely as it is blending (or pulsing if you are more patient) because you want the florets to be chopped into tiny grain size pieces but not a watery mush.  This is also why I say to do it in batches. If you do find that you can do all the florets at once in your food processor then that is wonderful and a small time saver. BONUS!


Once you have gotten the batches all processed down to the size of rice it is ready to use. See? I told you it was easy! I have found that my head of cauliflower usually make around four cups of “rice” but that may vary for you since it will depend on the size of your cauliflower head. If I am not going to use all of it right away I store it is a freezer bag in the fridge until I need it.  Typically it will last a day or so in the fridge but you can freeze it if you don’t need it for a while. Just thaw it out and drain before adding it to your recipe if you freeze it. Make a note here that the texture might change a bit after frozen but it is still great to throw in dishes.

Cauliflower “Fried Rice”

It really looks and tastes like rice in my “Chicken Fried Rice” seen above.

I just can’t say this enough but the cauliflower rice really is a great way (I have said great a lot too but it is true) to save carbs in many of our favorite dishes or calories for those counting those pesky little fellows. For those of us following Trim Healthy Mama plan this “rice” is great for those S meals where brown rice should not be used. It will leave you feeling like you just had a treat but also help you keep those carbs under 10.

I hope that this post has shed some light on how easy the process can be for those thinking it was hard like I did. Hopefully I have convinced the cauliflower skeptics out there to at least give it a whirl. Or “pulse” in this case. Happy “ricing” to each of you and thanks for pulling up a chair at my table today!


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