Another Birthday and A New Blog

Well another birthday has come around and one more candle has been added, sigh. That candle was on sugar and gluten-free cake ofBirthday Breakfast course but nonetheless it was added.  As I sat there yesterday morning eating a piece of my Trim Healthy Mama Pumpkin Roll and drinking coffee (yes, cake for breakfast no judgement right lol) I thought about how fast all my years have flown by and that I really want this journey of getting healthy and fit to just keep adding to those years. Although I want to keep the years coming you should know as of this birthday I am forever 29! Watch out lightening just may strike new my vicinity ha! Anyways, I want to keep transforming mine and my family’s way of eating through nourishing foods so that we can share a long life of adding more candles to our birthday cakes! Along with my continued journey to eating healthier and dropping some much unwanted weight I am starting this blog to document my progress and share recipes with you along the way.  Though many have ask me to start this blog, I am not sure they knew what they were getting into! I can’t believe that anyone would be willing to read my writings aka “my ramblings” (oh yes, I have a record of rambling that has been proven and undefeated). but if you guys are willing to laugh with me and walk this journey patiently with me as I learn the process of blogging then I will be happy to pull out a chair for you at my table!

Now, bTHM PUMPKIN ROLL 2ack to the cake! You didn’t think this girl could speak of cake then leave you out of the loop did you? Well in the words of my very handsome six year old “Of course not!” Who doesn’t want cake on their birthday right? Or any day of the week, month and year for that matter!  I certainly don’t need a reason to want cake but for today at least have a legit reason being it’s my birthday and all! Okay, so in the past I have always used my birthday or any holiday truthfully as an excuse to justify eating horribly and unfortunately I would be crying on the scale the next morning.

So this year I made promise to myself that instead of rewarding myself with food that would make me feel bad I would reward myself by taking care of my body with only healthy food choices (it certainly isn’t getting any younger you know). Would I have to go without cake? No, I knew that was not an option thanks to the food freedom of Trim Healthy Mama but I wasn’t sure what treat I wanted to celebrate with. Last week as I starting thinking about what I wanted my dear friend Michelle told me about this pumpkin roll she had tested out last year for a fellow THM Sister and blogger named Shelby (we will talk more about her soon). She said that it was just as good as the ones she had made in the past that were not diet friendly by any means. I, being a lover of all things pumpkin, knew instantly that this was the cake I would make for my special day.  So as you can see from the pictures I did make Shelby’s roll and it was above and beyond any expectation I could have had. I had never made a pumpkin roll just because it seemed a bit labor intensive but really it is anything but that! I doubled her recipe since my pan was longer than the one she used but let’s face it I really just  wanted more cake! The only modification I made to her recipe would be the sweetener that I used. I always use the ones I can find local like Pyure or Truvia but you can use the one your family prefers.

Now, remember I said we would come back to the recipe creator Shelby? Well she is the blog owner over at Homeschooling Adventures and she has done a great job in creating this recipe! Please jump over to her blog and try her recipes because she has a lot of yummy looking Trim Healthy Mama treats! You can see h this particular recipe for the pumpkin roll here. Be sure to tell her Keri over at “My Table of Three” sent you! Her roll is an explosion of moist tender cake filled with the sweet and smooth cream cheese and it made all my birthday wishes come true with the first bite!  I promise you this cake tastes remarkably like the old fashion sugary pumpkin rolls we have all had in the past. This cake uses a combination of Oat Flour and Oat Fiber which keeps this gluten-free and low enough in carbs to keep this dessert in the (S) fuel setting if you follow THM. We will talk more about different flours as time goes by.

How great is it that we can have our cake and eat it too? I wish you all could have been here to share a slice of this mouth-watering treat but since you were not I hope you can at least try the recipe yourself and enjoy it like we did here at my table!

*Note: If you would like to know more about the Trim Healthy Mama food plan please visit this site: Trim Healthy Mama or you can order the book on Amazon here.


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